Customs services

1. Customs consulting;
2. Preparing operations documents:

      - Import;
      - Export;
      - Active improvement;
      - Passive improvement;
      - Temporary admission;
      - Customs transit -T1 / T2, Truck booklet;
      - Elaboration / Registration of ATA booklet;
      - Elaboration / Registration of TIR booklet;
      - Elaboration / Registration of CMR;
      - Elaboration / Registration of EUR Preferential Origin Certificate;
      - Customs warehouse;
      - Application of simplified customs procedures;
      - Application of Requested Customs Regime.

3. Storage and handling under customs surveillance;
4. Storage in customs warehouse;
5. Logistics for cleared goods;
6. Taking over and returning the documents from the customer’s residence;
7. Other related services requested by the customer.

The electronic customs procedures are made by NCTS (new computerized transit) and by e-customs.